Webinar LIVE

Friday, March 15, 2019 (12 noon - 1 pm CET)

The neglected potential of innovation: how to maximize the digital transformation initiatives

In this webinar LIVE, Professor Ulrich Lichtenthaler, will talk about in-company innovation management, focusing on why new technologies adoption (from digitalization to automatization) often fails to bring the desired results and how only a change of internal approach to innovation can guarantee a long term success. Specifically his key topics are: • Why a digitalization effort may not live up to the expectation: mistakes to avoid and opportunities to get • Digitalization doesn’t mean only “more efficiency”: from incremental development to new business solution • How a leader should act to lead the organization towards “real” innovation • Generating growth and new revenue streams by bundling digital and non-digital innovations.


Friday, March 15, 2019
12 noon - 12:30 pm Speach by Ulrich Lichtenthaler

12:30 pm - 1 pm Q&A

Ulrich Lichtenthaler

Ulrich Lichtenthaler

Ulrich Lichtenthaler, Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship, ISM

Ulrich Lichtenthaler è professore di Management e Entrepreneuership presso la ISM - International School of Management – di Colonia. Ha un Ph.D in Technology Management e, come Executive Consultant, ha guidato più di 20 progetti di trasformazione digitale. Ha scritto numerosi libri e articoli per le più prestigiose riviste accademiche, come il MIT Sloan Management Review e anche per il Wall Street Journal.