Webinar LIVE

January 2020

The impact of emerging technologies on the value chain disruption

In this LIVE Webinar Isabell Welpe will talk about the disruption that new technologies (Blockchain, AI, Big Data,…) are creating in all industries and markets, challenging the established business models. Professor Welpe will talk about how these technologies are being used today, using examples from companies that have successfully introduced them in their organizations but also from those who struggled more. In particular, she will focus on:
  • the impact of emerging technologies on the disruption of the value chain
  • the new success factor is the "digital" change, both in the value chain and in the corporate organization
  • how to make the most out of these opportunities: what has already been done well in the past, which mistakes to avoid today, what to do tomorrow.

Isabell Welpe

Isabell Welpe

Chair for Strategy and Organization, Technical University of Munich (TUM)

She's responsible for Strategy and Organization chairs at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) since 2009. During her training she studied at MIT in Boston and the London School of Economics. her research focuses are the use of new technologies in the company, new organizational models and digital leadership.