Webinar LIVE

Friday, October 25, 2019 (12 noon - 1 pm CET)

The return on Corporate Social Responsability

In this webinar LIVE, professor Smith, will talk about CSR as a strategic element in corporate strategy. CSR is becoming more than a simple reputation asset and its impacts on business are getting bigger and bigger, not only in term of mere economic returns but also in term of employer branding. It is then fundamental to manage it as a core factor in the overall company strategy. In particular, Professor Smith will focus on:
  • Why give attention to CSR? Creating shared value
  • Business case levers: the economic return of CSR
  • Successful examples to learn from
  • What to do take back in your organization


Friday, October 25, 2019
12 noon - 12:30 pm Craig N. Smith's speech
12:30 pm - 1 pm Online discussion with participants

Craig N. Smith

Craig N. Smith

Professore di Ethics e Social Responsibility, INSEAD University

He is Chair of Ethics and Social Responsibility at INSEAD University since 2008. He previously was teacher at London Business School, Georgetown University, and Harvard Business School. He is the author of eight books and forty academic articles, including many award-winners and best-sellers. His most recent books are: The Moral Responsibility of Firms (with Eric Orts; Oxford University Press, 2017) and Managing the Sustainable Business (with Gilbert Lenssen; Springer, 2018).