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Gentelligence: leverage generational differences to gain competitive advantage

Megan Gerhardt, Professor of Management and Leadership, Farmer School of Business - Miami University
Added on May 11, 2021

The back end of marketing: new strategies to benefit from customer centricity

Marco Bertini, Professor of Marketing; Visiting Professor of Marketing, ESADE Business School; Harvard Business School
Added on May 6, 2021

Ultra-efficiency factory: more energy efficiency to improve sustainability and business results

Alexander Sauer, Drector, Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering & Automation
Added on April 22, 2021

Feeding 10 billion people

Charles Godfray, Director; Professor of Population Biology, Oxford Martin School; Oxford University
Added on April 13, 2021

Outlook for the future of humanity

Martin Rees, Royal Astronomer & Emeritus Professor of Cosmology and Astrophysics; Co-founder of the Center for the Study of Existential Risk, Cambridge University
Added on April 13, 2021

Europe’s space future and the role of exploration

David Parker, Director of Human Spaceflight and Robotic Exploration, European Space Agency (ESA)
Added on April 13, 2021

Pioneering hydrogen mobility: the BMW experience

Juergen Guldner, Vice President Hydrogen, Fuel Cell Technology and Vehicle Projects, BMW
Added on April 13, 2021

Global scenarios 2035: decline or new renaissance?

Mathew Burrows, Director of the Atlantic Council’s Foresight, Strategy, and Risks Initiative & Former Counselor,, CIA and National Intelligence Council
Added on April 13, 2021

How Biases Distort Decision-Making and What You Can Do to Fight Them

Olivier Sibony, Professor of Business and Corporate Strategy, HEC Paris
Added on April 7, 2021

Making decisions during post-Covid uncertain times

Mervyn King, Alan Greenspan Professor of Economics and Professor of Law; former Governor, New York University; Bank of England
Added on March 25, 2021

Climate change and implications on the economy.

Heiner Flassbeck, Honorary Professor; former State Secretary, Hamburg University; Federal Ministry of Finance, Germany
Added on March 25, 2021

The new Biden era and relations with Europe and Italy

Luigi Zingales, Robert C. McCormack Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance, University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Added on March 25, 2021

Diversity, Inclusion, and Talent: 3 pillars of Kering’s strategy

Kalpana Bagamane, Chief Diversity, Inclusion, and Talent Officer, Kering
Added on March 24, 2021

Key values for an extraordinary customer service: trust and loyalty.

Robert Spector, Book writer
Added on March 22, 2021

Key values for an extraordinary customer service: innovation and adaptation.

Robert Spector, Book writer
Added on March 22, 2021

Vision, reputation, network: the key requirements for a company to innovate

Nathan Furr, Associate Professor of Strategy, INSEAD
Added on March 16, 2021

What can the West learn from the Chinese economic model: innovation, domestic market, and post pandemic recovery

Keyu Jin, Professor of economics, London school of economics
Added on March 1, 2021