TEHA Live Service makes its expertise available to companies providing the know-how developed by The European House - Ambrosetti and in particular by its Update Services for Top Management.
The previews service Aggiornamento Conoscenza AC has converged in the international service TEHA Live since November 2013.

On-demand content portal

The know-how available within the on-demand content portal consists mainly of:

  • Video

  • Documents

  • Audio

  • Focus ON

Video and audio recordings show not only full-length interventions, but also short versions (pill: about 5’ ) and intermediate versions (summary: about 12’-15’).

They are also available for iPad and smartphones.

The documents have the peculiar characteristic of having been produced and/or suggested, by the experts themselves, with a “relevance filter” that confers great validity to each of them.

The working group of The European House - Ambrosetti also regularly publishes Focus ON, depth thematic analysis, each one containing a selection of the best videos and documents on a specific subject.

A Google search engine within the website optimizes the search of contents.

The webinar platform

The European House - Ambrosetti also realizes webinar with recognized national and international experts. Their duration is of 1 hour and they are charachterized by a large space for questions and answers (30’).

The subscription to the webinar Ambrosetti has an annual duration and is separate from the subscription to the on-demand content portal.

About us

The European House - Ambrosetti is a professional group founded in 1965 by Alfredo Ambrosetti who progressively developed many activities in Italy, in Europe and in the world, thanks to the propelling contribution of other Senior Partners.

The professional group is composed by complementary and mutually reinforcing professionals with a homogeneous and distinctive know-how, in order to create an excellent team. The homogeneity and distinctiveness refer to the sharing of a systemic view of organizations, and to the interpretation of the key features of this era.

A professional group differs from a random and heterogeneous aggregate of professionals, each with different concepts also with reference to similar themes. Therefore being a homogeneous professional group implies significant efforts in training and homogenization, with flexible criteria that allow to implement and integrate continuous innovations and improvements.